Get ready for Dubya's Ukulele Farewell Party!

Providing all of your
left-leaning ukulele
political action needs!

Because the smallest voice
can be a mighty force.


WHEN: Friday, August 27, 2004

WHERE: The Fez Under Time Café - 380 Lafayette Street in NYC

ADMISSION: $15.00 (artists' proceeds go to United For Peace and Justice)

TIME: Doors - 7:00 pm / Show - 8:00 pm

EMCEE: Illeana Douglas, star of "Grace of My Heart" and "To Die For"

PERFORMERS: Peter Stampfel, Tom Harker, Songs From a Random House, Carmaig de Forest, Michael Leviton, LD Beghtol & the New Criticism, Heather Lev, Kirk Kelly, Kings County Queens, The Whisky Rebellion, Skizz Cyzyk, The Hoppin' Haole Brothers, Uke Jackson , Roger Greenawalt, Patsy Monteleone, Sonic Uke, "Ukulele Lloyd" Gold

On Friday, August 27, 2004, at 8:00 pm in the evening, as the GOP get ready to hoist their imbecillic, unread, yet strangely elitist candidate onto the shoulders of a cheering, throaty mob of Sans-a-Belt wearing, Caucasoid frat boys and Texas oil men, Ukuleles For Sanity will present a concert we're calling Dubya's Ukulele Farewell Party--an evening of original and traditional protest songs, largely mocking in nature, performed by some of today's finest alternative ukulele performers.

Uke Sanity’s message is “The smallest voice can be a mighty force.” For us, our concert (as well as the march we’re organizing) is not simply about denouncing the policies and presidency of George W. Bush in song. It’s about using our diminutive, underdog musical instrument of choice to address issues of empowerment in our badly desecrated democratic system.

The past four years have been greatly disillusioning for many, as we’ve watched the dreams and principles of our country's political system trampled upon and manipulated by corporate interests more nakedly and contemptuously than at any point in our modern history.

Weird times call for weird symbols, and we believe that the ukulele is the perfect symbol of empowerment in these times. We believe that this four-stringed underdog can be used to deliver a political statement that extends the artistic statement we already make when we perform on a uke. It’s a statement of hope and defiance and humor. Of unapologetic pride in being who we are. Of the belief that the smallest voice has its own special strength.

Dubya's Ukulele Farewell Party will take place at The Fez Under Time Cafe, 380 Lafayette Street at Great Jones in NYC. Our emcee for the evening will be the hip, smart, righteous and gorgeous actress/director/producer Illeana Douglas, star of Allison Ander's Grace of My Heart, Gus Van Sant's To Die For, and Martin Scorcese's Cape Fear.

Price of admission is $15, with all artists' proceeds benefitting United for Peace and Justice, organizers of the big street march on Sunday, August 29.



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