How much does a wedding cost, is it worth taking a loan?

Wedding is a special moment for many people. They combine then (at least in principle) for life. The marriage ceremony usually takes place in the church, where the groom takes the oath. Then it’s time to celebrate this event, and therefore a great family celebration – a wedding.

Preparations for weddings and wedding parties start many months earlier. There are many organizational issues to be agreed.

This is a fairly broad topic – depending on family habits, the parents of new spouses or the couple who are about to get married may be responsible for the organization. There is also the issue of financing the wedding.

The cost of the wedding and its financing

The cost of the wedding and its financing

The wedding reception itself can have a different size – the cost will depend mainly on how many guests you want to invite. Of course, the amount is influenced by the choice of a particular room, menu, DJ (or orchestra), car, and many other factors. Either way, it is often around 30,000 USD, although you can arrange weddings cheaper, but much more expensive.

The question arises – where to get so much money for a wedding ? however, there is good news for the bride and groom. A large part of the costs should be reimbursed from “envelopes” which the young receive as gifts from family and friends. 

Of course, when we have savings that we can use to finance a wedding, it is the optimal solution, but not everyone has such comfort – then the loan remains.

Where to get the best loan for a wedding?

Where to get the best loan for a wedding?

It mainly depends on how much money we want to borrow, and whether we want (and can) borrow money from loved ones.

If we are definitely on “external” financing, we have a choice of banks and loan companies. The first option is much more advantageous in terms of costs (and in practice often the only one if you want to borrow more than 10-15 thousand USD), the second is usually much easier to reach (you don’t always have to have very good credit standing).

The choice remains before the brides. Currently, some even give up arranging a wedding reception, or settle for an intimate celebration due to cost or other reasons.

The vast majority, however, at least in Poland, can not imagine a wedding without a grand wedding – it is a costly event (sometimes requiring a loan), but for many the most important in life (family expectations are also important).