Tom "The Ukulele Man" Harker


A word from Tom Harker,
The Ukulele Man:

Providing all of your
left-leaning ukulele
political action needs!

Because the smallest voice
can be a mighty force.


Hey! I'm the Ukuleles for Sanity Street Action Coordinator, blessed by my fellow Uke Sanity organizers with the mission of inciting a massive ukulele action against the Republican National Convention in New York City on August 29, 2004.  Our dream is to bring together as many ukulele-playing protestors as possible to march together in a Tsunami of Smallness...a Tidalwave of Tininess...a Deluge of Diminution...strumming and singing four-stringed songs of resistance and defiance against Dubya and the RNC to show these arrogant oligarchs that THE SMALLEST VOICE CAN BE A MIGHTY FORCE!

Imagine it.

Imagine the visual impact, the powerful, visceral statement made by having scores of ukulele players moving down the street in...(this is the last one, I promise)...a Landslide of Lilliputia! Absurdist? You bet. Disarming? Absolutely. How does one confront an army of people singing the truth while strumming the sweetest, happiest, most innocent instrument in the world? Unsettling? Disturbing? Yes. That's the idea.

To join this special Uke Sanity March, all that is required a passion for justice and a ukulele in hand. Skill level is unimportant. Quality of the instrument is also unimportant. Strings would be nice. As would having the instrument in tune.

But that's it. You don't even need to know how to play!

The ukulele has often been called "the easiest instrument in the world to learn." And though there are maestros of the instrument who can make one's jaw drop with their technique, it is true that a novice can pick the instrument up, learn three simple chords and be strumming and singing in all of five minutes. And what better time to learn the ukulele than in the midst of countless ad-hoc instructors who are politically like-minded and full of free advice? This is more than a political action--it's a ukulele teach-in!

So go find that old uke in Grandma's attic and join us! Or hell, bring Grandma to play the uke herself (she's gotta be angry about the cost of her prescription meds!) and go find your own ukulele at a thrift store! If you already know how to play the uke and you own more than one instrument, go find some friends and spread the joy!

Details of the march will be forthcoming. For right now, the task at hand is to recruit uke marchers. And if enough people participate, our further hope is to create roving orchestras and chamber ensembles of ukulele radicals that would be enlisted by other political action events during the GOP convention!

If you're interested in participating and/or helping organize the Uke Sanity March, join our Yahoo group at or just email yours truly, Tom Harker, The Ukulele Man, at

  Let's do this!

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